S chool is the training ground for the citizens of tomorrow. To ensure that Indians have a space in the global platform, we need to nurture and promote innovation in thinking. Children must be encouraged to think through a problem and come up with creative solutions and must be supplemented with technological progress.

Finally the future lies in the hands of individuals who are ready to learn all through their lives. The understanding and acknowledgment of the fact alone by the stake-holders in the education sector, who are Parent, child and teacher will bring about commitment and qualitative change in the teaching-learning process.

As a Principal of S.K.P. Vidya-Vihar, following activities will be emphasized...

  • Vission for over-all excellence.
  • Committed to set high academic standards and personal discipline.
  • Upload traditional values and contemporary pedagogies.
  • Creation of healthy competitive environment in the campus.
  • Development of patriotism and nationalism.
  • Prompt in achieving targets for all-round development of the school.


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