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A school is not just a place where information is forced to young minds, six potential hours are spent, teachers and students gather and six subjects are taught. A good school imparts/implants basic human qualities in child. The human qualities means which makes a student complete human being. The student should have command over communication, mental arithmetic , team sprit, sportsmanship, keenness to learn and innovate. School is the place where attractive personality and social etiquettes can be enhanced and inculcated through which students success rate can be increased.

To achieve this motive S.K.P.Vidya-Vihar, Deoghar has created a dynamic infrastructure and has combined it with an environment conducive to the development of each area of a child's persona with an objective of creating scientific attitude, a creative bend of mind and a sensitive human being.

S.K.P.Vidya-Vihar , Deoghar management committee is unique combination of experienced educationists, qualified, trained teachers and corporate managers. It strives to achieve the objectives of the organization via continuous research and introduction of latest training methodologies to ensure adherence to set guidelines.


The motto of S.K.P.Vidya-Vihar , Deoghar lies in very first three letters S K & P
'S' stands for Sacrifice and Shradhha(Veneration).
'K' stands for Knowledge and Karma.
'P' stands for Piety and Purity.
The trident of Shradhha, Knowledge and Piety makes the basis of journey towards divinity and perfection of life. This is what we tell our students to inculcate in them.

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