Deoghar is one of the most ancient cities of India. The city's atmosphere has been reverberating with the chanting of vedic mantras since the time immemorial. But whenever I visited the city, I am perturbed to see how our rich culture and heritage have suffered distortion at the hands of existing English medium schools. We must learn English and other European languages. But the English western manners, civilization and culture are not appropriate for us. We have the academic models of set by our world fame universities like Taxila, Vikramshila and Nalanda which gave the world the light of knowledge. This impelled me to open an institution at deoghar where medium of instruction will be English, but it will observe Guru- shishya tradition and students will acquire not only the heritage and culture of India's glorious past but also will grasp with confidence the technologies of the future and will attain a well balanced personality and character to serve the motherland well. With a view to achieve this holy goal, S.K.P. Vidya-Vihar is opening its third unit at Deoghar, and I must assure the parents that the students would imbibe the rich Indian culture, modern science and technologies and the sprit of patriotism-the ingredients for an ideal citizenship overhere. Brikodar Sin


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